FF: The Perfect Game

Perfect Game

I watched a movie recently with my family that we LOVED! I recommend it. The movie is based on the true story of a little league baseball team from Monterrey, Mexico, who goes to the world series. Not only does this film show the way a child can lead us to accomplish wonderful change in our lives, but it helped us learn more a little more about history, sports, culture, religion, and compassion. (I didn’t even know there was a world series for little league baseball!)

This was a fun movie for our younger children to be able to share with friends at a “late night” play date (what we do in place of sleepovers, which our children are not allowed to do, except with cousins) at our home.

Happy Cheering,

Liz 🙂

P.S. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when a mother comes to collect dirty laundry from the team members, and says something like, “Don’t make me have to count!”


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