The first day of the rest of your (clean bathroom) life

Today it started.

Here were the successes: 2 of the 4 jobs got done before school.

This is our learning week, so we aren’t having natural consequences of not getting it done before school while we learn. (Should we ever? That is a good question.)

Thinking about it at 4 am

I woke up at 4 am (not on purpose, just how my body works) and considered what I still had yet to do to prepare for their success this morning: I needed to orient them to where the supplies were so they could get their jobs done quickly, as we’re asking. That meant I needed to have supplies there. .

Prepping the supplies

I went in and pulled out the mess from inside the cabinets and wiped the cupboard clean–enough for my purposes, as I didn’t have lots of time before they needed to start at 6 am. I put a basket of cleaning rags in one side of the cabinet and cleaning materials (vinegar, cleanser, toilet brush) in the plastic bin already there (a former biscotti container). I put the garbage can liners in a drawer on the other side of the cabinet.


In the other cabinet, I did the same: pulled out the mess, wiped out the cabinet, and put one extra folded bath mat in the back and the hand towels in the front. I restocked feminine hygiene supplies so the person whose job that is would know what it should look like when it is stocked. I left what mess could be easily taken care of by the children as they cleaned and took some other things out and put them away.

Orienting each child

The page pictured above wouldn’t print, so I explained to each child what the sign says and verbally walked them through their job.

They went to it.

There were a few questions and a few adjustments. I forgot something on a job (description) card, so I wrote it in after the fact and checked it off, since it got done. 😊

2 out of 4

Rebecca didn’t have time to do her shower nor Anna her garbage and floors. The others took too long and got started late. But I came downstairs to see two job cards on the counter and dirty rags in the mudroom. Everyone made it out the door for school with a bite of breakfast and minimal lunch in hand and a prayer and fast scriptures!

The other two jobs will get done later today.

On my list: find a squeegee and another bath mat and a few more hand towels.

I thought it was a great start.  We are learning!

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