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Today I read a blogpost about a woman who finished her first Ironman Half Triathlon. So impressive! I would love to be able to do that, but that goal seems incredibly far away right now. I love the goal, challenge, and fun of a race, but I have only beening running twice since my half marathon last April (2017) because of injuring my back during that race. Since then, I have gardened, danced (a little), walked and done a little biking. With all the family events we have had going since that race, it has really been a change of (excercising) pace. It’s been good, and there is a time and a season for everything. But I really miss running!

So when I read this story today, I decided to make space in my blog for some fitness inspiration stories that I can refer back to, or to list posts about challenges and victories in my personal training, so that I can keep being inspired to move forward!

I felt SO blessed last week when I found out about an adult ballet class happening that I could attend. I am trying to strengthen my back and cross-train so that when my back is healed, I can go back to running, and hopefully, train for a triathlon again (with one of my children or Lane, if possible!).

How Charlotte Finished Her First Half Ironman Triathlon I loved Charlotte Kooima’s determination to get back to running after an 8 year absence and some obstacles when she first started hitting the pavement again. She said, “’Thankfully, I am very stubborn and my goal was to return stronger than before’…. She even remembers telling the surgeon, ‘I don’t care what you have to do — get that foot back to the point of running!’” She faced the fear of having to swim in a wetsuit and overcoming obstacles in her actual race. Way to go, Charlotte! You are inspiring to me!

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