General conference breakfast

Pannukakku, the Finnish version of a German pancake or Dutch baby. Delicious and just right for a general conference breakfast. Thanks to Lane, we enjoyed this today along with sausages and fruit.

This looks fancy but is very easy to make. And it looks so magical! When you have a young child (or anyone who has never made one before), it’s fun to look through the oven glass during the last 5 minutes or so to see the sides of the pancake rise.

One of the challenges of a happy general conference weekend is keeping food very simple. Orange rolls, for example, are not quick to make. They ARE a delicious tradition but take planning and time. So this year, when we had Anna’s birthday right before conference, we didn’t get orange rolls made in advance. So I went out and bought some from Kneaders on Saturday morning–a much more expensive and less tasty option, but made all the hard-core tradition keepers in our family happy. 😍


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