General conference questions

Today is general conference! Hooray! I’ve got some questions I’m pondering for which I’m going to listen for answers.

  1. Which of David Burns’ cognitive distortions are true?
  2. What more can I learn about the Word of Wisdom and how we can apply it to improve our family’s nutritional habits and help Rebecca heal?
  3. How can I overcome procrastination and be more productive, even when faced with the challenge of imsomnia/fatigue or other health challenges?

I’ve been thinking about my depression coping tools since making my list this week. When I was in the temple last night waiting in the baptistry, I had a chance to read the New Era Look Out for UFO’s and saw an excellent article called “” or “unrecognized fiendish onslaughts” (i.e. super common temptations). These 13 behaviors can trip us up when we give way to them: unbelief, a bad attitude, valuing outward success or glamor more than goodness, always blaming others and never taking responsiblity, placing yourself above others, putting yourself down, being “clever” (a.k.a. lying), insulting others with flourish), being lazy, placing great value on being busy, making yourself look better than you really are, quarreling with siblings, and skipping prayer.

In reading over these, I remembered David Burns’ cognitive distortions, and how I have wanted to determine what their scriptural roots are. Since I am going to be listening to 8 more hours of truth this weekend, I have the chance to listen for those nuggets that are along these lines.

I have found it so helpful to learn to “watch my thoughts” and determine which ones follow truth and which do not. It is a skill I’m still learning, but it’s one that helps me learn to keep my throughts healthy, productive, and postive.

What are your questions for general conference this weekend?

Don’t know what general conference is? Go here or here to learn more and to watch or listen!

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