Cutest German pancake demo video

Anna has always had fun making cooking videos! (I just found this today while working on my music curriculum and had to post since I just added our German pancake recipe online.)

Anna made after this video after the fact: she made the German pancakes and then made the video. (Or maybe she pretended to make the video and then asked me to record it for real after? Or I asked her, thinking it was so cute? Too long ago to remember exactly–she was 7 when we made this. THAT went fast! 😂 I need to ask her.)

The fun part about this is that when Anna was younger, she just adapted our family recipe to a smaller size (not the exact proportions, but you can see that this recipe is adaptable) so that she could make it in a smaller Pyrex dish in the small (“toaster”) oven. Then, voilà! She could make it anytime she wanted!

The only tricky part of a child making German pancakes (click on link for recipe) is that the Pyrex dish is very hot coming and going from the oven. So use your best judgement as a parent as to whether or not your child can do that safely yet!

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