Getting your laugh back

It’s the first day back from spring break–Monday morning–and I’m JUST getting going! I got out of bed about 9:30 am after a challenging night, which is NOT my favorite way to start the day. But today is going to be a great day: I know it!

I want to share a happy resource to help you before I leave my room: meet my new friend, Meg Johnson!

I met Meg (not in person) online via the Mormon Channel. I listened to a radio interview podcast of her telling her story (“Beauty’s True Depth”) about how she became paralyzed and what has happened in her life since then. I LOVED her voice! (I think we are “kindred spirits,” and she doesn’t even know it! 😁)

Fast forward a year or so, and I was sitting in Relief Society two weeks ago (the women’s meeting at my church), and a friend made a comment about Meg Johnson. I thought how much I would love to share that podcast with my family.

So on Friday morning, when we were cleaning house at the condo where we stayed during spring break, I turned on the podcast. And then, while I was waiting for the linens to dry (we had about 4 hours of laundry…), I explored her online resources.

I love her spirit! She is full of the Spirit! Take a look at her YouTube channel, blog (, or other social media accounts. I am so excited to share her with you! The video posted above tells about how she got her laugh back and how Heavenly Father spoke to her and taught her how to do that: singing at the top of her lungs! “Sing away all of those bad feelings!” I hope she brightens and inspires your day like she has mine. 💗

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