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There are so many poems that I love, and since I was thinking about poetry today, I looked at the page I created a long time ago on my blog for poetry. I saw that there is just a skinny sliver of the poems I love represented in my list–not much for someone who is hankering for a mouthful of tasty poetry!

So I decided to create a link on my sidebar so that I can remember to add the poems I love, as they come to my mind, to my blog.

Mother’s Day is in coming! Here is a poem that I had our older children memorize when they were younger. I used actions to help them learn it. I wonder how much of it they would recall today? One thing I know, they have learned the essence of it because all of our children have found beautiful ways to show me they love me. I think they learned that from their dad.

“Which Loved Best?”

“Which Loved Best?” by Joy Allison

“I love you, Mother,” said little John;
Then, forgetting his work, his cap went on.
And he was off to the garden swing,
And left her the water and wood to bring.

“I love you, Mother,” said little Nell;
“I love you better than tongue can tell.”
Then she teased and pouted full half the day,
Till her mother rejoiced when she went to play.

“I love you, Mother,” said little Fan;
“To-day I’ll help you all I can;
How glad I am school doesn’t keep!”
So she rocked the baby till it fell asleep.

Then, stepping softly, she took the broom,
And swept the floor and tidied the room.
Busy and happy all day was she,
Helpful and happy as child could be.

“I love you, Mother,” again they said,
Three little children going to bed.
How do you think that Mother guessed
Which of them really loved her best?

(in McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader (1879), 146–47.)

To learn more about the poetry I love, go here.

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