Working on the housecleaning plan for 2017

This year I’m working on my housecleaning plan (again). As the family needs change, so does the housecleaning. We live in a big house that gets messy and dirty quickly when everyone is home, but when 3 children are away at college and the other four are in school during the day, it is possible for me to get to some deep cleaning.

So I’ve made a rotation plan.

And today I worked on preparing my weekly housecleaning plan. My goal? To not have to spend more than one day on housecleaning, with small tasks on the other days doable in the early morning.


I have found that minimizing what is in a space makes it quicker and easier to keep it clean. This is a quick clean because I only have what I absolutely need and use every day.

Under this (kitchen) sink, I have the garbage, and on the left, dishwasher soap tablets (in a Ball half-gallon jar with a lid to prevent young children who might be over from getting into them). I also have one more Ball bottle that has new sponges and scrubbers in it behind that. On the right is the bleach and some vinegar in a spray bottle.  I know you were dying to know, right? 😉

I scrubbed one oven rack and decided to clean the other two next time. I wonder how clean this one will stay in four weeks’ time? If I scrub one each month, will they get totally dirty again?

Always more to do

One thing I know about housecleaning: there is always more to do than time. I did all I had time for today and still have stuff on my list I wanted to do.

Ha! Life!

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