“I Do!” Family History Wedding Photos

“I Do!” Family History Wedding Photos

I recently posted on Instagram some of the family history wedding photos I used for Sarah’s wedding. I wanted to post them here for future reference, and add to the collection, noting who is who and when they were married.

Nate and Hunter’s wedding day in 2017 (age 21 and 19 respectively)
My and Lane’s wedding day, 1993, ages 23 and 22 respectively. (I was older).
They were both 22.
Iris Melissa Wilson Livingston bridal photo, circa 1912, age 22. Her husband, Joesph Charles, was 19.
Cloyd and Martena Blain wedding photo, 1912, ages 21 and 19.
Charles and Eliza Lavina Smith Livingston, married in 1891, ages 20 and 21 respectively. (She was older).
Eliza Priscilla Dana Boyle, bridal photo, circa 1881, age 21. Her husband, William Wallace Boyle, was 22.
Hanna Marie and Jens Jørgen Sørensen possible wedding photo. They were married in 1875 in Elling, Hjørring, Denmark. (Ages when married: Both were 23.)

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