“I love Grandma! This is hilarious!”

Rebecca transcribing Great-Gma's journal

“This is literally the best thing in my entire life!” Rebecca is in the middle of transcribing her great-grandmother’s journal, and she’s cracking up at the description of a man who great-grandma met: “a very quiet, shrewd, calculating, completely self-centered but not cocky man, not to be trusted, saying only what is necessary, no more, no less, and speaking complete untruths and underestimating the other person.”

Grandma N. WAS a discerning person. While her husband was an influential businessman, I wonder if those who worked with him had any idea of the influence she had on her husband! Never underestimate a good woman, especially one who keeps a daily journal! (We do wish she had a little easier-to-read handwriting.) Grandma and Grandpa N. called each other “companion,” meaning their eternal companion. Rebecca says, “I love that she says that.”

I love that we are getting to know her better through this journal!

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