I’m a writer!

I walked in the door this morning from exercising and my first thought was to head straight to my computer. I knew I had other things I needed to do on my list, but what I wanted to do was write.

I wanted to get my thoughts down “on paper” before they fled and were forgotten.

And then it occurred to me: I’M A WRITER!



I know. Seriously: why did this not occur to me before?

I have said so many times that I love to write, I have to write, that writing is like breathing for me. But I never felt like I was a writer.


I guess it has to do with not having published something officially. Like a book that is selling on a bookstand or on amazon.com. So that must mean I’m not officially a writer.

But today, I realized that I don’t have to have published a book to be a writer. Because being a writer is a description of what I do that makes me happy. And writing MAKES ME HAPPY!

Aha! I love it! Joy and rejoicing! I am a writer!


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