It’s a wrap!

We got a photo on Thursday (that won’t upload–not sure why) that showed Elder Livi with his foot wrapped from toe to knee! I’d say that’s a wrap!

In just a couple of days, we will get to see that leg for ourselves as Elder Livi is wrapping up his mission and heading home.

Tonight Sarah is playing the piano, and I’m just basking in the reverie of such lovely, soothing music. I recognized the song she was just playing as one my mom played when I was young. I love it. I asked her the name: “Chanson de l’adieu” (“Goodbye Song”) by Chopin, and I thought how wonderfully appropriate! On the night when Elder Livingston is saying “adieu” (literally, “To God”–what you might say when bidding farewell to someone that you aren’t sure you may see again) to so many people he has grown to love in Peru.

Just thought I’d share this song with you. Wish I had a video of Sarah playing it! I loved her phrasing even more :).

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