January is lemon drop jar month 🍋

Sarah and I went to the bridal shower of a wonderful young woman that we love tonight. The bride-to-be’s mother had requested lemon drop cookies, and so Sarah went on the hunt for lemon drops and made the cookies for them. (I am so grateful for her help while she’s still home on break!!)

I was happy to have extra lemon drops, since Sarah bought two bags, as January is when I love to read The Lemon Drop Jar and put out some lemon drops in our own little lemon drop jar. If you haven’t read this book, stop by or hunt down a copy from your library and savor the story of a sweet relationship between a great aunt and her grand niece. (Help yourself to a lemon drop while you’re at it!)

I also shared one of my favorite Christmas stories at the shower called “Let Nothing You Dismay” by Ruth Harnden. It was printed years ago in a book that I have been unable to find in print any longer, but I did find a link to a PDF of the original printing in Collier’s Weekly on December 23, 1950. It’s a wonderful story of a Swedish grandmother who shares two special gifts for Christmas: one with her granddaughter, and one with an old friend. I hope you enjoy it! (Both the story and the cookie recipe!)


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