Keeping the children’s bathroom clean (= I’m a cockeyed optimist)

When it comes to job charts and trying to teach children to clean up after themselves, I am a “cockeyed optimist!”

In 2017, I want to teach my 4 children at home to clean their bathroom.

Is that so hard?

Yep. It is. But I’m going to do it anyways.

It has taken me about 45 years to learn how to keep my room clean on a daily basis. (That is a long time.) I was a really messy child! I really love having a clean room now! I wonder if I could have learned faster with some specific instruction as to how to keep a room clean. I hope I can help my children learn to keep their bathroom clean in one year. 😂 Then perhaps they will apply theses skills when they leave home.

“Stuck like a dope with a thing called hope”

Maybe I can learn to keep MY bathroom clean this year, too! 👍

Here’s my plan.

  1. The back of the bathroom door has the job descriptions on it.
  2. Each child has one job they do all month.
    1. The toilet paper on the sign (far left) rotates down one square on the first of the month to show who is to do which job. The first person to wake up on the first of the month and remember can rotate the chart.
  3. The training cards (above) are in a rectangular vase on the bathroom counter. There is also a wet erase pen there.
    1. Each day the children do their job, they have to check off the steps.
    2. They also need to check off the tracking chart (middle) on the back of the bathroom door for that day.
    3. They bring the training card to the kitchen counter, and I review their work when I have a minute.
    4. If the job is done correctly, I rinse off the card and put it back into the vase. If it isn’t done, I mark the card with a different color and put it back on the kitchen counter for them to re-do as soon as possible.
    5. Their job has to be done before school in order to leave for school.
  4. At the end of each week, if a child earns a reward, they will get paid.
    1. They have to mark the reward that they earned on the chart on the back of the bathroom.
    2. They mark the letter of the reward they are working on when they mark the chart each day.

There are so many hiccups in daily life that I know accomplishing this goal will be a stretch. It completely depends on the individual motivation of each child. Teamwork matters, too, obviously, and is a typical hitch to plans like this. But I hope it’s simple enough to be accomplishable. I will see as we get going!

Here’s to Monday morning!

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