A little advice from my great, great, great grandfather

I have been doing some family history research on familysearch.org, simply to learn about my ancestors. Primarily I have been looking for the women of my family who left their homelands to come to America. So far, all I can say is I have HUGE respect for these women. Each one of them endured great hardship!

More about that later.

I learned that my great, great, grandfather had been interviewed by a writer for the Juvenile Instructor, a church magazine in Utah in October 1927. The resulting two-page article ended with a little quote, pictured above. He gave this advice when he was 89 years old and had over 235 children/grandchildren/etc.–195 living. You can see where my heritage of hard work came from! It has been faithfully passed down to my mother, who still exemplifies it for me.

As I have been listening to A Simple Path by Mother Teresa this past week, I have considered how much Catholics and Mormons have in common. It appears that back in 1927, Mormons and Catholics also shared many of the same opinion on some things as well, including beauty contests (see bottom right hand corner):

I love finding gems in old periodicals!

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