Why does the Lord want me to be healthy? An ongoing study

I’m a Beehive advisor now, and this just makes me so happy! One of the reasons I am so happy is that I can prepare lessons. I LOVE to learn and to teach, and having specific lessons which I am preparing gives me focus in my scripture study.

I just looked up the topic for the next lesson I will help with. (The young women in my class will actually teach most of the lesson, but I still prepare so that I can add insights as needed during the class.) “Why does the Lord want me to be healthy?” is the assigned topic.

Of course it is! When I am immersed in all kinds of questions about how to feed my daughter Rebecca so that she no longer has stomach pain or acid reflux and how to understand the Word of Wisdom better, I have this topic! I LOVE IT!

I have so much to add to that last paragraph, but let’s just skip to the verse I started out my studies with, and come back to that later. I opened my study journal and wrote down the question, “Why does the Lord want me to be healthy? I remembered a quote I had read in a cookbook earlier in the week, a man’s comment (the man is James SImmons, author of Original Fast Foodsabout how wheat is the staff of life and what that might mean. I found the quote and wrote it in my study journal. I wonder if what he said is correct. But it gives me a perspective I hadn’t considered, that a staff is an aid to walking, not the walking itself, so perhaps wheat is an aid to healthy living, not the complete foundation as I thought? Hmm.

Then on the next page, I decided that I’d start my study off with seeing simply what the Lord says about FOOD in the Book of Mormon. So I wrote that down.

So I opened up my study opened up my scriptures to Helaman 4 (where I left off yesterday) and read (starting in verse 1) through these two verses:

12 And it was because of the pride of their hearts, because of their exceeding riches, yea, it was because of their oppression to the poor, withholding their food from the hungry, withholding their clothing from the naked, and smiting their humble brethren upon the cheek, making a mock of that which was sacred, denying the spirit of prophecy and of revelation, murdering, plundering, lying, stealing, committing adultery, rising up in great contentions, and deserting away into the land of Nephi, among the Lamanites—

13 And because of this their great wickedness, and their boastings in their own strength, they were left in their own strength; therefore they did not prosper, but were afflicted and smitten, and driven before the Lamanites, until they had lost possession of almost all their lands.

I noticed that sharing food is an integral part of righteous living that contributes to our ability to prosper. Pride and selfishness (along with other sins), it appears, contributes to be deleterious to our health–note the phrase that I highlighted.

I’m being reminded of studies about eating together as a family (first priority) and also about the when I dropped off some food at the food shelter recently, and how happy I felt not only to contribute, but for those who worked to build that shelter, who staff it, who receive donations and prepare delicious meals for those in need, so that anyone who walks through their door won’t leave hungry. My mom taught me about giving, even after my and Lane’s wedding reception. We returned from our honeymoon and I asked if there was any ice cream left from it. She said no, that she had taken the leftover food to the Food and Care Coalition. I followed suit when we had leftovers from Nate and Hunter’s open house, and what a gift that was to me to remember my mother’s example.

I was only a few minutes into my study and already found a thought about food and a connection to why the Lord would want me to be healthy. It seems obvious to me that when I have prepared something healthy for myself and others to eat, that I not only can benefit from eating that food, but I can help others feel better, feel satisfied, not be hungry, have more energy to do good, etc. Don’t you notice that when you are “hangry” that it’s so much harder to want to be kind or do what you know is right? But when you’ve had a good meal, you are so much more disposed to be in good humor, to love others, etc?

This takes me back to the Beehive logo at the top of this post. Bees work hard to produce honey, “one of nature’s most beneficial foods.” With all the work that a single bee will go to in order to produce even the 1/12 a teaspoon that it produces in a lifetime*, I suppose I can work hard to study and learn more as well as keep working towards providing healthy food for myself, for my family, and for others. (I’m so grateful for the bees that polinated our flowers, vegetables, and grape vine this summer! I just walked out to my garden and saw the rain drops glistening on the flowering kale and grape leaves. I ate some of the most exquisite grapes. God sure knows how to make a grape! Wow!)

I’ll leave my post there. I’m excited for this new study topic!

* Also see https://www.apexbeecompany.com/honey-bee-facts/

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