Love One Another

I woke up not feeling very well and wasn’t sure what the day would bring. I climbed out of bed into a chair and my husband brought me socks and my computer, Anna brought me a piece of toast, Rebecca said she would drive Anna somewhere for me, and Eliza brought me some cereal. I feel very loved!

It is surely the little acts of kindness in life that are so sweet and make home life so much happier. I am so grateful for a husband who models Christlike kindness every day. He inspires me to try to be better, and he doesn’t even say anything. He just is kind and serves sincerely, and that kindness and service make me want to be better.

“Love one another:” 3 of the most powerful words on earth!

(P.S. I saw this video on the Mormon Channel blog. Click here to go to the article!)

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