A late Christmas present

He is the GiftWe just got a letter from Elder Livi, dated 12-25 (2015). Even after a month, it was such welcome news and made my day! (We have been thinking about him in particular this week, since he turned 19 this week, and just today baked some cookies in his honor.)

He wrote,

Thank you so much for everything y’all did for me for Christmas. My companion told me it was one of the best Christmases he ever had. I was really surprised cuz I didn’t think it was really special because we weren’t with family, there wasn’t even a real tree (just one made of green sticky notes I made the night before while he was asleep), and besides the stocking, there [weren’t] really any presents under the tree (I gave him [a few new items he had still in his suitcase] cuz he needed some.) But that made me realize something. I already knew Christmas didn’t come from a store, that you didn’t need presents all over the floor; and though family is important for sure, I too, like the Grinch, discovered its a little bit more. (Just call me Dr. Seuss, Jr.)

Christmas is about serving and making memories and helping others feel the Spirit of Christ. I’m sure y’all know, but the church made a video for this Christmas called, “He is the Gift.” (El es la Dádiva). But what you don’t know probably is that it’s more than just a spiritual video and a social media campaign (but for sure I would have tweeted #ShareTheGift/#ComparteLaDadiva). Missionaries were given cards [he included one] to hand out…I’m pretty sure all the missionaries in the world did it. We didn’t baptize anyone, but we contacted solely with that card all December, and taught some lessons because of it, and shared the video with everyone we visited. 

There’s a Coldplay song (no, I didn’t listen to it) that says, “When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall, doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all.” But as I saw how happy my comp was that morning, I looked back and realized I had been sharing the Spirit of Christ the whole season. And that is what my Christmas was all about.

P.S. I still miss eggnog A LOT. 

I love you guys so much! Here’s to hearing from you soon, and to everything going well in the new year. Can’t wait to hear about school and sports and concerts/recitals and fun experiences! Thanks for all the support and love you’ve shown!

He also wrote me a thank you note, which really made me happy. Ah, I hope he keeps writing me letters when he gets back from his mission! I love being a missionary mom!

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