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This week we got a letter “A la familia.” The first paragraph was in Spanish, and the rest were  journal entries. Reading all that news was heaven! It is manna from heaven to hear from him–so much more than the weekly email sentence or two :).

So here are some of the excerpts:

  • [They were at a member’s home, “armed only with super glue (cuz all the [hardware stores don’t] have nails…???)….Of course, I only had enough super glue to fix one chair, which I did…while [my companion gave] me encouragement from time to time, including ‘Go Bob the Builder!’ (in Spanish). But because we showed up to fix the chair just because, we ended up encountering her sister…[who] we’ve been looking for…with no success cuz she always works. So we had a little lesson, and I felt the Spirit really strongly and was so grateful of the way stuff turned out.”
  • He mentioned some of the challenges of working with different personalities: “A mission isn’t all good stories and baptism. But it shouldn’t be tougher than it needs to be….All I want to do is get some stuff done. You won’t read this for 2-3 weeks, but I would love a little prayer for me…”
  • “I gave my first blessing in Spanish today!! It was super cool. I didn’t think I could do it, but it went fine. The lady was sick, and asked for a blessing. it was cool.”
  • “I gave another blessing today. We only taught one lesson today; every single other appointment fell through. Super disappointing day. But it was cool that I had a little food to eat [from the package we sent him]. That’s always the best. Thanks, Momma.”
  • “We taught a really cool lesson today. Our investigator…always tells us she isn’t ready, has doubt, but we know she is. We taught solely the Book of Mormon…[and] today she told us she has a testimony that it [is] a true book. Woo hoo!”
  • “Today was a big day. I started this week waking up at 6:05 am to exercise a little more, cuz sometimes my time is cut short when it’s my turn to shower. So I woke up, started exercising, then my comp got up, and we went to fill up the font at church. He told me the night before we weren’t going to run, …but we got to the church, turned on the hose to fill up the font, and he said we were going to run. So here I am in my [floppy] sandals, running through Huancavelica. And then we encountered a place where you turn trains around, and I pushed that around for some more exercise….And then I got to study in the sun on my bed, which is nice cuz it’s dark and cold in our study office. Then we went to [our investigator’s house] to pick him up. His dad and sisters came! That was cool. We brought him a cake, and after [my companion] baptized him, we ate it….[Later] we prepped for the Noche Missional [Missionary Night]. We cooked popcorn in a pot, and I put it in bags and all that. We rented a projector to watch, “A Light of the Nations,” a performance in Spanish of multicultural stuff that happened at the conference center….We had 31 people come. That’s like half the normal assistance [=attendance–some of his Spanish is filtering into his English :)] of the [congregation], and 5x what we usually have for a Noche Missional. The popcorn was super salty though. Our other investigator…came and told us the movie really clarified the Book of Mormon, and now she will enjoy reading it more….And then [the branch president] told me I was giving a talk tomorrow…”
  • “Today I gave a talk on love. I said, ‘Love is giving your friend more than half of your candy bar.’ Also, I got the privilege to confirm [our newly baptized member]…a member of the church….I also helped confer the Aaronic Priesthood and ordain him a priest. Funny to think I’m an Elder.”



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