MF: First Skype phone call

IMG_1549Well, the best gift on Mother’s Day EVER is getting to Skype with a missionary child! He is looking good!

Missionary life isn’t always easy, and the laughter and tears that flowed on both sides of that connection reminded me of how much we love one another and how grateful we are to be a family! Not to mention other temporal blessings: I am so grateful to have insulation and heating when it is winter in Utah. Where Elder Livingston is (and it’s winter there right now, with similar temps to Utah), he has neither. So it’s a bit chilly everywhere, all the time. And he has cold water for showers (except when air comes out of the faucet instead of water) every morning. So these are all good adjustments to a different life than he has grown up with.

He’s living in a foursome, and they speak English in the apartment (the other missionaries are native Spanish-speakers who are learning English) and Spanish everywhere else. The language is coming, but it’s a challenge. We are so proud of him as he navigates through these adjustments and presses forward in his work. We got to hear about a few of the people that they are teaching.

He LOVES getting email and especially letters. He’s really looking forward to a package. He loves it when I email him photos of our family and what we’re up to.

This experience is teaching him gratitude in a new way: opening his eyes to blessings he didn’t even know he had.

That’s what we all need.

I need that. I remember coming to appreciate things more when I was a missionary. Like Mom’s cooking, warm, comfy beds, and family, family, family. There were so many growing experiences! I learned from the Spirit and grew from working hard and putting my faith in God in so many new situations. I was absolutely ready to come home when I was done, but I had given it my all. Every day. And I was ready to move on.

Facing those hard situations has helped me as a wife and mother when I have to face hard situations again. I forget sometimes that I did something so hard, but then something like this reminds me. Hooray! I did it!

My favorite part of the call was getting to have a couple minutes by myself to talk to Elder Livingston. He wanted to be able to have a minute or two with each person, youngest to oldest. My turn was last (I’m oldest, and he reminded us all of that). But I got to sing to him, which is what he asked for. What a privilege. What a sacred gift.

SO, my heart was full to overflowing yesterday when we said goodbye until Christmas!

Now, I’m waiting for my email…

Happy Enjoying the Gift of Technology When We Have Missionaries!

Liz 🙂

P.S. I remember my first phone call home as a missionary. I was sobbing so hard I could hardly speak!!! I was SO happy to hear my mother’s voice!


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