MF: Missionaries and the church in Peru; Elder Livi’s new area

Elder Livi's mission president transfer board

This past week, in the Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) newsroom (click on the link to see the whole article), there was an article with a lot of photos in it, all about missionaries and members in Peru. We didn’t spy our son there, but we did see this photo of his mission president and wife by the transfer board. This is where each missionary’s picture is, and the mission president prayerfully reviews this when it’s time to move missionaries around to different areas. Transfers are typically about every 6 weeks, I think.

There will be three temples in Peru in the near future. The one in Lima has been there some time:


And the one in Trujillo is “nearing completion:”

Peru-Trujillo Temple-rendering

Three or four weeks ago, Elder Livingston was moved to a new area in the middle of a transfer. Of course, he was sad to leave Huancavelica:


But a new area welcomes new opportunities, like learning from a new companion and getting to know all of the wonderful members and investigators there.

Huanuco first photo

And now he has ANOTHER new companion! This time someone who is not from Latin America, so he will get to speak English for a while. He is getting lots of bug bites! (I think I spy bugs on the wall in this photo?) He won this loaf of bread at the grocery store! Somebody looks excited…


He’s such a goof. He took this photo at someone’s home. They said they killed the animal in THEIR YARD in the jungle! I wonder if I need to send him bug repellant and wild animal repellant?!?

skin on wall

I live for news from him! It is so great to hear from him again!


8 thoughts on “MF: Missionaries and the church in Peru; Elder Livi’s new area”

  • Ah those pix! And mid transfer transfers! The drama and excitement-a he is looking so big–he’s becoming a man! Love him, love you.

    • Don’t you love getting a peak into his apartment? Ah, the beauty of a missionary apartment! Just brings it all back…Love those memories! You were and are the best!

  • Elder Livingston is a man full of faith. He knows what it means to work through adversity. We are so very grateful for his example and service.

    • Awesome! Where are you guys from?

      I am sure they will serve the Lord faithfully together and that they will be blessed and protected.

      • Chase is a great kid. He is the 4th of 6 children. He’s an outdoor extreme adventure kind of person. We live in Oregon as did President and Sister Henderson so they feel like a little bit of home:) Our oldest son recently returned from his mission in Brazil. He only had native companions, so it’s a great treat to see my son with a fellow American. They can move mountains!!! Chase has been in Huanuco before and really enjoyed his time there and is glad to be somewhere a bit warmer. He is coming from La Orya and it’s much chillier. What can you tell me about Elder Livingston?

        • Nate is the second of 7, he loves all things active (including rugby at the top of the list), has a great sense of humor, adores and is adored by his family, really likes working hard. He’s very outgoing and friendly and sometimes goofy. I am guessing that he and Chase are having a great time together! This is only his second area, having only left for his mission in March. We’re in Utah. Please stop by if you’re in town! We’d love to share a meal with you! 🙂

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