Elder Livi update: Today’s recording

If Elder Livi could have sent a photo of his apartment today, it might have looked like this: two rooms, one painted orange, one pink. No Christmas tree (wishing for one), but lots of homemade snowflakes and a paper chain in red and green, with two felt stockings, all hanging on the wall with Scotch tape.

We are 10 days away from a Skype phone call with our missionary!!! Hooray!

Here are some great quotes from his recordings that came through today:

“Broke, but happy. That’s how it should be, right?”

“The best part of the week was feeling the Spirit.”

“It feels good to help people, especially when you’re putting a lot of effort into helping them.”

I love that he has an orange and a pink room in his apartment! That’s gotta do something to brighten up his day!

I wish I had sent that Christmas tree that I bought last year for his mission….Oh well, next year! I knew I should have included more red and green paper in his Christmas package! He is going to make a paper Christmas tree, he said. So glad I sent the Scotch tape!

Well, I have to say: after hearing Nate’s voice, I sometimes have the Monday morning blues. I wish he could read my emails and respond to them immediately. But then I remember my mission, and how letters to home took about 10 days or more, and then getting one back took the same, so it could be a month easily before a question got answered. So I guess I can wait a week! Oh, the impatience borne of first world life! I am SO grateful to get to hear his voice in his recordings, and to get to hear so many more details now that he is sending recordings!


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