Mmmm: Gifts in a Jar

cookies in a jar

When Lane asked me for my thoughts about his company party gifts, I asked if our family could make something for the employees as a way to express our gratitude for what they do. He agreed, and I searched the internet for ideas and then out I went to shop for the ingredients.

more cookies in a jar

We made four kinds of gifts from which to choose: brownies in a jar, cookies in a jar, candy in a jar (which we called “Elf Candy” to perhaps help a young parent with any stocking-stuffing), or a pomegranate wrapped in a dishcloth and a salad dressing jar with a pomegranate salad recipe attached.

wrapped pomegranates

We started Friday afternoon with the shopping, stayed up late stuffing candy jars, and then spent Saturday making mixes, designing and printing stickers, and decorating bottles.

photo 4

We had such a good time, that I’m hoping this can be a tradition for our family! What a great family memory!

Happy Gifting,

Liz 🙂

P.S. My cookbook version of the recipes are here: Cookies in a Jar


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