Mmmm: Melanie D’s mint brownies

photoRemember: I’m not a food blogger. Nor am I a food photographer. But take my word for it: These brownies are the best mint brownies EVER. They are my favorite brownie recipe. And this recipe makes A LOT of mint brownies. That’s why when we make them, we have to give at least half away, or I will eat them all. It doesn’t help to put them in the freezer. They are very good frozen. They seem to be my nemesis when it comes to food. Ugh. But they are absolutely at the top of my favorite desserts list. And if I make sure each of my children knows how to make these, I can go to my grave a happy woman.

(OK, there are few more important items to teach them. But knowing how to make a delicious dessert IS a an important life skill! Just ask Amelia Bedelia!)

Happy Making and Eating Your Favorite Dessert,

Liz 🙂 


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