Mmmm: Night games

night games fheLast week for family night we played night games, and that activity ranked up there in fun next to our family “Dance Dance” activity and our “Chopped” activity (when Sarah and Eliza claimed victory with their marshmallow-mustard-mint crème brulée).  My “favorite” part of playing games as a family is watching how competitive every one gets. “All chiefs and no indians,” as the saying goes. We ended with “Sardines,” which was the first time I could ever remember playing Sardines in my life (can you imagine?). I found the best hiding place, tee hee.

Just for the record, our family’s number one FHE activity is the water game. It has never been my favorite, but I play it anyway. Family peer pressure.

Here’s how you play: you put a tiny bit of water in a cup. Then you have one person standing up while the rest of the family sits on the couch. The person who is “it” picks a category and then an item in their head in that category, such as a brand of cars. Then the family members go around the circle guessing the item. When you guess correctly, you get splashed with the water.

I know. Loads of fun.

Guess who taught our family that game? Yep. Lane.

Happy Playing,

Liz 🙂




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