New! Books of the Month sidebar tool

Today I created a new sidebar link to help you learn about my selected books of the month. If you click on the book, it will take you to that book’s page. That means I need to get going and create a page for each book. My goal is to create 4 pages a week for 4 books in my home library so that if you read a book I have recommended or receive an RACFLP book and want to comment on a book, you can find it on my blog and make your comment!

A word from Thumper’s parents

Just a word about commenting: I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS! Please be kind and thoughtful of all the readers who may pass this way when you add your thoughts to this blog. Comments should be polite and never contain profanity or unkind words. Like I tried to teach my children (passed on from Thumper’s mother), “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all.”

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