Nutrition colors and quiz

As a follow up to our Family Night on nutrition, the next Monday at dinner I shared why eating a variety of naturally colorful foods in important: it helps us get more of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to funtion well! I found a flyer online (click here for the source), printed it, and posted it next to my “Way to Eat” signs on the fridge.

These visuals have been good reminder to me of my goal to choose well what I put into my body and when I meal plan for my family.

I also wanted to remember the questions that our FHE guest asked us a few weeks ago in her little “nutrition quiz.” The purpose of the quiz was to help us individually evaluate where we were doing well and where we might want to improve.

She asked us 10 questions. She asked us to write down a number between 0-10 to answer the question. With percentage questions, 10=100%.

  1. What percent of what I eat has NO added sugar?
  2. How many servings of fresh fruits or vegetables do I eat per day? (1/2 cup=1 serving)
  3. What percent of the time do I eat whole grain?
  4. What percent of my fruits and vegetables are raw?
  5. What percent of the time do I eat healthy fats?
  6. What percent of the time do I eat organic* foods? (Foods that haven’t been treated with pesticides)
  7. How many cups of water do I drink per day?
  8. How many times during the week do I eat dessert?
  9. What percent of the meat that I eat is NOT processed*?
  10. What percent of the time do I NOT eat animal products*?

*Our teacher has strong feelings about organic, non-GMO, and animal-derived foods. That is why she included those questions. I found I do not share all of her concerns, but the test was still helpful to me!

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