One of the funniest parts of being of mom of teens is hearing the slang that comes home. Here are some that I’ve heard in the last year or so:

Sick.” The equivalent of “cool.”

Whatever.” An expression of ambivalence or irritation.

“Totes.” Short for “totally,” as in “That is totes unbelievable!”

“Supes.” Short for “super.”

And my favorite:

“Obvi.” Short for “obvious.” This one especially cracked me up because it reminded me of my sister who has abbreviated words for years.

I was cleaning the kitchen counter with vinegar two days ago when the acrid smell moved my daughter to action. She cut up some lemons to make lemonade. After squeezing them, she started grinding them up in the sink disposal. I said, “Oh! Those lemons smell so good!” She replied, “You know what drove me to make [the lemonade]? The vinegar. Obvi.”

Some slang that comes home belongs in the category of “We don’t say that in our family.” I always think of my mom who got creative when in a tight spot. After someone came for a visit and used some colorful language, one of us children had repeated it. She said to the child, “Oh, that’s not what she [the visitor] said. She said “Doughnut!”

Happy Listening,

Liz 🙂

P.S. What is the funniest slang (or rendition of slang) you have heard at home?

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