Olivia Ekberg, Perfectionism, and His Grace

I continue to be impressed with how important it is that we share our stories with each other and am grateful for people who are willing to share their stories. I watched both of these videos today and felt like I should share them. I hope that Olivia’s story might be helpful to someone who is also battling perfectionism or simply just trying to figure out what they are feeling.

I know that when I was really sick, it was one of the hardest things I did to keep going to church–not because I didn’t know that God was real, because I did, but because I felt so much social anxiety, and because I felt like I could not feel the Spirit no matter how hard I tried. But I kept going, not because of compulsion, like Olivia felt, but because I love going to church, and because it has helped me so much before that point, and I believed the promises that had been made to me, that I would be healed. It was my act of faith in Christ. I am really grateful that I didn’t give up, I’m really grateful that God keeps His promises, and I am convinced that I rely day to day upon His beautiful grace.

I love this verse I just read after writing this post: “Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day” (Acts 26:22, Paul speaking to King Agrippa).

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