Planning pages

This is what my planning page looks like. It isn’t my family’s schedule. It’s some imaginary family’s schedule. I add in details with my wet erase markers that are particular to that week.

Today I updated my planning pages. These are pages I use to plan my week and each day.

Click on this image to go to a free printable PDF.
Click on this image to go to a free printable PDF.

I love to plan! I think if you have read my blog, you may have picked up on that. Just maybe. 😉

I laminate these pages and write on them with wet erase markers. I hang them up where I see them frequently. Then I wash off my plans at the end of the week, the day, or when plans change dramatically and  start all over again.

Haha. Well, I don’t start all over again anytime something changes, or I’d be washing and re-planning all day long! When plans change, I just go with the flow and start fresh the next day!

For more information on how I plan on happiness, go here.

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