While You Were Blogging and Prelude to a Nap

This post just makes me laugh! Distracted mother. Reposted from my old blogspot blog, October 19, 2008.

While I was finishing my blog about the 5K from yesterday, the children were painting a poster for Grandpa who is in a very nondescript room in the hospital. Anna wanted to keep painting after the others left. I needed more blog time. “I want to paint my fingernails,” she asked. “Yeah, yeah, sure, whatever,” I said absently.

For tired young moms out there! Reposted from September 19, 2008.

I have just finished toweling dry the last bowl from lunch when Anna dances in. “I’m hungry,” she announces. “We just ate,” I reply. Eying the Top Ramen packages sitting on the counter, she declares, “I want soup.” “Sorry,” I tell her, “We’re not having that kind of of soup right now.” My response doesn’t bother her a bit: “Yep. That’s what I want.” I laugh, because is the most cheerfully unsatisfied customer ever.

I walk over to the computer, because it is moments like these that are so funny to me, and I want to remember them. Anna lays down on the floor and asserts, energetically: “I want to watch a movie!”

Me: “Why don’t you go choose a book you want me to read before your nap?”

A: “I want to watch a movie!”

I ignore Anna for a minute while I type. If she weren’t so cute and if she didn’t have the tiniest little voice and such an entertaining manner, I might lose patience right about now. Lucky for her! But I just have to laugh at how children this age work.

Me: “Would you like a banana or would you like to just go upstairs for your nap without a story?”

A: “I want to read a book.”

Me: “OK, why don’t you go choose one.”

A: “I want you to!”

So I pick out four favorites (AlphabaticsFive Minutes PeaceJoseph Had a Little Overcoat, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear). When we get to the end of Joseph, Anna asks if we can sing the song. We go over to the piano, and soon she has told me to stop and is asking to play it herself, which she does, crooning her delightful, impromptu little nonsensical tune. I laugh and laugh. She asks me to point with the pencil and then mark it off on her sister’s practice page. Oh, she is my carefully observant Anna.

We finish reading and on our way out the family room, she calls for a banana. I oblige, knowing she won’t sleep hungry.

She opens the banana herself, eats it up at the counter, then walks while swinging her hips over to her bike by me. “I finished my mana.” I had better finish typing this, because I can see she is getting a second wind. I better swoop her up to her nap quick! Ah! I am taking too long typing, and she has disappeared to the dollies. She reappears: “I have my baby” and lays her head on my lap. Now I’ve got to seize this moment!



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