Carols for three moms

What Child Is This?

The First Noel

Silent Night

Last year, I received three carols via text from Julia’s flute teacher. I listened to them, drinking in their melodic beauty.

I asked Julia to tell me about these beautiful recordings. She said that a sister of a former flute student, who had passed away from cancer at this time of year, had asked Julia’s teacher if she could record some flute music for her mother, who feels particularly sad around Christmas. So she and Julia recorded those carols, and her teacher sent them to me as a gift as well.

I was so touched! Not only were the songs a treasure for me, to remember my daughter’s music, but they had much more meaning and value as gifts for a mother remembering her daughter.

This year, I want to share them with my friend whose son, Owen, passed away from cancer on December 6, 2014, and any other mothers who are missing their children this Christmastime.


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