Psst! Flowers from Sarah


I was looking at these little flowers just now and felt grateful for my daughter, Sarah. As the oldest child of a sort of big family, she has often been called on to fill in the gaps of what I have missed. She has had many opportunities to serve her siblings.

For example, I went with Eliza to her dance recital, about four hours early to serve as a volunteer. I saw one mom walk in with a bouquet of flowers under her arm. Now, I have to admit that I typically forget flowers for my children when they perform. I want to get them; I intend to get them. I just don’t always remember. On special occasions, flowers are a special way to celebrate a child’s hard work.

That day was not different. I had forgotten, and since I was supposed to stay with the dance class children until the rehearsal, I couldn’t dash off to the store to get some.

Enter Sarah.

I recognize that it’s a blessing to be the oldest of a family like ours, but it also has its sacrifices of time and energy. I suppose that is why Sarah loves her siblings so well, and why they love her. And why I feel a lot of gratitude for all the little ways she helps make our family happier.


Happy Sibling Service,

Liz 🙂

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