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Dick and Sue

When you’re a Mormon, you can have the most amazing support system ever!

When I was growing up, my parents struggled and my dad moved out, at first temporarily and then permanently. Dad’s departure was horrible. But with God’s help, it wasn’t permanently devastating.

One of the ways our Heavenly Father planned for families to have extra support is through home and visiting teachers. When I was young, I was blessed with some amazing role models in folks like my home teachers and their families. As a child, when there is a tragedy in your home, it’s really great to feel like your family isn’t alone in the vast universe–or even simply your home town.

A little side trip during our Christmas vacation allowed me to visit my hometown with my children. Nate had made a special request: to visit Dick and Sue, dear friends from my childhood who are now well-loved and respected mentors of Nate’s. Dick was one of my home teachers growing up. As I recall, Dick possibly saved my sister’s life when she stepped off the dock at Foothill Park (is that what it was called?) into the pond. He saw her step off the edge, then reached out and grabbed onto her ponytail!

I believe he also was the one who gave her a priesthood blessing when she got a dirt clod to her eye.  The Stanford doctors who saw her said the resultant cut to her cornea would probably blind her, even with the surgery. But she recovered miraculously, with better vision in that eye than her other.

Sue and my mom and another friend, Pat, wrote a musical version of “The Reluctant Dragon” for everyone in our Primary (our church’s organization for children) to perform.

Dick and Sue have always been good friends to both of my parents and all of my siblings.

I remember one time as a child being in their home for a dinner. One of their children was having a particularly hard time being calm. I observed carefully, noticing that neither of them ever got riled or impatient by this child’s behavior. I wish I could be more like them!

Nate has had a chance to spend some time with Dick and Sue during two summers, learning again from their true examples of faithfulness, steadfastness and service. When they heard he was leaving for his mission soon, they asked about his farewell. And they traveled out here to hear him speak. Seeing that reunion between Dick and Sue and my parents–not to mention how loved Nate felt having them come–well, it was really a golden moment in my life.

You never know how much good others can do for you over a lifetime until you get to see it for yourself. Good people are such a blessing.

Happy Home or Visiting Teaching,

Liz 🙂


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