Psst! Musical Measles

Tanya's musical measlesI wish I had a better photo than this, but I had to sneak this shot with my phone in the middle of Primary music time. It was too choice to miss! What woman puts glittery heart stickers and her son’s night vision spy goggles on in order to get children to sing? Only my beautiful friend Tanya who loves children enough to make Primary music as fun as it can be.

glittery heart stickersTanya came into the Primary room, her face covered with glittery hearts. She said she had just been diagnosed with “musical measles”–the best kind of disease to catch! No fever, no queasy stomach, no medication! But watch out: it’s extremely contagious! And then she handed out stickers to the teachers. With each new song we practiced, she’d call on a child who was getting the most measles spots on his or her face. And they would don the goggles and look for other children to dot with stickers as they sang well.

It was great!

Tanya knows how a “spoonful of sugar” works to make practice more fun.

Totally inspiring!

Happy Catching,

Liz 🙂



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