Psst! What Can I Do to Help End Poverty?

Today I met a woman who, along with her husband, created an effective poverty-ending program that is the most impressive one I have seen. The principles her program is based upon are the same principles I have been teaching my children all of their lives. I like how their program is organized, implemented, monitored,  education- and skill-development-based instead of just hand-outs. See for yourself! And if you want to do something to help end poverty–besides teaching your own children and the children around you self-reliance–visit their website and do something about it! Small gifts such as $5 can make a difference.

Happy Helping,

Liz 🙂

P.S. You know I was entranced from the beginning when she was introduced as a mother of 7, grandmother of 21, and a midwife! I knew that this was a woman I would relate to!

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