Psst! Why is being kind and serving others a good ingredient in dealing with depression (or other mental illnesses)?

I came across this interesting video recently. It reminded me of how serving others in my home and in my community has helped me increase in personal happiness, satisfaction, and overall health.

I encourage service in my own home not only because it is a commandment but also because it helps us get along better, wake up to our blessings, and have more fun.  One of my children said to me this week when we were doing some service, “Service is more fun than eating dessert!”

Smiling at others and saying hello are powerful ways to be kind. I was surprised, when I was dealing with severe anxiety 7 years ago, how even little acts of kindness can, at times, take great courage. Sometimes when you are afraid you might burst out crying if you even try to smile, it can be a real struggle to say hello for fear you might have to have a conversation. But it is a wonderful, empowering experience to take that leap of faith and have it rewarded with a simple, pleasant exchange with another person, and to feel the resulting happiness that warms you inside.

I haven’t discovered any of Christ’s teachings that don’t do us as much good as they do the people we are doing them to or for. Science continues to provide evidence for that.

Hooray for people (like the folks who made this little video) who help us to remember the benefits of the true, simple things in life that make the world a happier place!

And hooray for all of you who have blessed my and my family’s life with your kindness and service!

Thanks for Being Kind,

Liz 🙂

P.S. I am particularly grateful for my husband and children being so kind to me, especially when I’m not being very angelic. That has so much power over me to want to change my behavior. I’m thinking of a daughter who gave me a hug recently when I was hormonal, tired, and cranky.  I wanted to be nicer on the spot! I’m learning so much about how to be kinder from them.

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