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I hopped in the car the other night and heard a radio interview with Melissa Ballard of Melissa Writes of Passage on the program “Thinking Aloud.” I was particularly interested since I recently read and blogged about her. The interview primarily focused on her book, Global Mom.

The interviewer asked her about the purpose of Global Mom. Melissa answered that originally it was going to be a “how to” book but ended up being a memoir, recounting the tale of their series of gains and losses. She said something like, “I realized I couldn’t write a how-to book.”

I have felt the same way. Seven years ago, when I had the name for this blog come to mind, I thought I would call it, “Raising Amazing Children: How Do You Do It?” because that was the question I would always ask mothers of large families: “How do you….?”

And then I realized, over time, that no two families are exactly alike, and the way we mother and nurture is completely individual. Now I know that the thing I most needed to hear wasn’t necessarily how to do something, but just to be given the reassurance that it was possible to do it, and that, in fact, I could do it.

The irony of my yearning-to-know-all-the-secrets stance, I suppose, is that I had the confidence that I was capable of raising a large family while not having any idea how, while at once maintaining an internal, gripping fear that I might fail miserably.

Perhaps the core of this blog–the story that will emerge strongest–may be how I am overcoming that fear.

I hope you feel encouraged, by reading my blog, to believe that if the Lord could help me figure out a few things for my family (and trust me, I have plenty more to figure out), that He will help you, too, if you ask and seek for His help. You know, as long as you’re trying to apply a true principle, and you’re asking for God’s help, you can’t go too far wrong. I can see, at this point, that none of us do motherhood perfectly. We have permission to do our best, make mistakes as we try, and have the opportunity to learn from those experiences.

I was chatting with a friend, and we both observed how happy we are to get to to nurture my children the way we want. Heavenly Father doesn’t step in to correct us on stylistic choices. He lets us give it our best shot. I really do hope I can remember that as a mother of married children, to try to only give advice when my daughters ask for it. (Feel free to remind me, my daughters.)

So I hope that you, dear reader, will remember in reading my blog, that the way one woman nurtures is not scripture. Go to the scriptures to learn the true principles needed to raise your amazing children, and then come here (and to other even better blogs!) for–I hope!–reassurance, comic relief, a new perspective, a good book suggestion, or a yummy recipe.

Happy Nurturing Your Way,

Liz 🙂



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