Last year I hurried to the high school to watch my daughter, Rebecca, perform in her a cappella group for the first time in a school assembly. They sang “The Star Spangled Banner,” and I was so touched.

I was touched by the respect I saw. On that day each year, my children and most of the students dress in Sunday clothes to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. I remember well that attack and what was happening the morning of it. We were just getting ready to send our children to elementary school when we got a phone call (I think from Lane) telling us to turn on the news. We did so and witnessed what all our nation saw that day. It was such a tragic, sobering moment. We immediately knelt to pray, as we always do in a situation of great concern. I will never forget that day.

I don’t know that Julia or Rebecca or Eliza remember that moment. They were too young or not born yet, but still they honor the victims by dressing up before they go to school. I love that respect and reverence. And I love the Star Spangled Banner. I loved how Rebecca’s group sang it that day. I am so grateful we can use our voices for things that matter, singing songs that matter, and honoring lives that mattered and still matter.

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