Some of my favorite random family photos

We had two chickens one year, Maisie and something else. Nate stuck one on his head one day, just because…he’s Nate.
Smiling little Rebecca in costume
Rebecca in layers of dress-ups: pioneerbonnet, ballerina skirt (with fake floral petals inside the folded tulle), pioneer apron on top of a ballet recital costume inherited from Liz, my dad’s wife! My FAVORITE part of this photo, though, is this fabulous SMILE she was born with!

I loved Nate’s caption for this photo: “@baileydaltonphoto said jump as high as you feel right now. She forgot that I had just married @hunterlizliv; I was already flying. #ThisIsRealLifeSun Valley 2016

I LOVE summer vacation. LOVE it. Lane was taking the photo, rats! Wish he were in here!

Lane Reading to children
Bygone are the days of little people surrounding us on all sides. But still here is the joy of family gathered togetether, sitting close to watch a movie or general conference, on the carpet playing board games, or at the table enjoying a yummy dinner.
I love this photo because 1. I love sending my missionary son treats, like Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, because they eat chicken nearly every day in his mission, and it often is without much seasoning. This is a little taste of home, and they are pretty excited about it!
Julia Lane birthday hug
Julia loves to give hugs. Sometimes our children give us hugs that nearly choke us! But it’s such a great thing to have a child come and give you a hug because they miss you, are happy to see you, notice you look sad, or because they are so happy to be home!
Pete took to sports when he was little like a fish to water. A neighbor gave us some child-sized golf clubs once after their children were all grown, and Peter loved those. He even hit a golf ball through the kitchen window on Easter. Just because children do things like that! I was scared to death when that ball came through the window, as I was at the kitchen sink and it’s trajectory was straight towards me. Thankfully, the curtain helped stop the ball, which dropped with the glass onto the floor. We have since gotten the window replaced, but I kind of miss that taped up hole because it always made me smile remembering that hilarious day.
Lane is holding Nate up by his PJs, and Nate is still drinking out of the sipper cup. I can’t help but laugh whenever I see this pic!
Oh, forts! Children love to build forts! Blankets piled on top of kitchen chairs dragged into the living room of our first home. This photo has such happy memories: the duvet cover I made from the sheets of my childhood bed; the cowboy boot blanket I gave to Lane early on in our marriage (because he loves to wear cowboy boots and is from Cody, WY), the yellow striped duvet cover that I sewed as part of the crib bedding I made when I was in labor and my water broke, so I left sewing to go to the hospital to deliver Sarah! And of course, Hop on Pop, which we read a zillion times.
Wall Street Journal
Anna reading the Wall Street Journal while eating breakfast. It cracks me up! It also reminded me that we not only feed children’s bodies, but we feed their minds, and whatever we have lying around the house is what children will pick up and read.
Sarah's baptism
Sarah’s baptism day: I just love the double “thumbs-up” that Nate gave in this picture. And Baby Eliza’s chunky thighs! Oh, babies have the most squeezable legs!
Chopped FHE mug shots
We had the BEST time doing a “Chopped” family night. Rebecca set it all up and ran the show. She picked marshmallow, mustard, and mint for her ingredients and challenged the two teams to see which could make a better dessert. (Sadly, the outcome was rigged: we had planned to give Sarah an iPhone to use at college, and so their group won. Sigh. Sorry, Pete and Lane!)


Confident Sarah

Fairy Godmother and Anna

Anna and Peter in white

Grandpa McConochie and baby Rebecca

Grandpa Morley with Eliza


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