SOS: How can I find time to study the scriptures as a busy mother?

The other morning, Anna came into our room very early. She walked in and climbed into bed between us. Then, when we were both kneeling at separate sides of the bed saying our prayers, she whispered, “Is anyone done yet?”

Whenever I can, I love to study my scriptures before getting going on my day. But many mornings my day gets started before I do. Anna coming into my room reminded me of the years of mornings when my day started with a baby crying and needing to be nursed or little children waking at all hours with sickness or bad dreams. I often was just falling back asleep when it was time to get up and help the children get fed, get dressed, and get ready for preschool, school, etc.

I asked a wise mother of 12 that I admired how in the world she got to study her scriptures. She said she followed the admonition to “feast upon the word” (2 Nephi 32:3) by “snacking” throughout the day. She’d read whenever she had the chance! Five minutes here, two minutes here, getting her sustenance throughout the day.

So I took that to heart and kept a set of scriptures in the bathroom and in the kitchen. I put CDs in my car and listened sometimes. I uploaded scriptures onto my iTunes and listened to them when I could. I read with my children in scripture story books and as a family. I listened (or read, when it was possible) when walking or running for exercise.

I simply did what I could. I noticed that the Lord answered my prayers as I tried to study just like he did when I was younger and single and had time on my hands to study every morning without fail. I’m pretty sure that he’s happy for us to do whatever we can to access his word because getting his word strengthens us. I know He loves me and wants me to get all the strength I can and feel His love every day!

Surprisingly, it is still a challenge to study the scriptures daily! I still do it however I can. I look forward to the day–will there be a day?–when my life is even steadier, and I can count on getting up, studying, exercising, showering, and going forward.

But that day will mean that all of my children are gone. And I don’t look forward to that day. It will be exciting for them, but sad for me and Lane. So I’ll take my study challenges with the gift of having children around.

Happy Studying–However you can!

Liz 🙂

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