STAND: A letter from IPPF


Today I got a fundraising letter from International Planned Parenthood Federation. They petitioned for a simple donation to “make more of a difference than you could imagine.”

Either this was a mass mailing, or someone sent this as a joke. It’s funny only because they didn’t know that if I had the choice, I would have the 12 children I planned on having when I got married!

But you learn after you get married and want children that you don’t always get to pick when or how many children you bring to earth. Lane and I are so grateful for the ones God sent to grace our home.

I was going to categorize this post under “LOL,” but abortion is never a laughing matter. And it is not the answer to third world problems. Abortions certainly do make an unimaginable impact in a woman’s life, but not for good. Do we ever consider the consequences of promoting sexual agendas and the resultant social costs, the least of which is financial (and that is HUGE). Think of the emotional, familial costs! Speaking of AIDS ramifications alone, consider how many children’s hearts have been broken when one or both of their parents died from AIDS! I went to assist a man dying of AIDS one day in his home when I lived in San Francisco. I will never forget that day and how sad I felt for him. I was not even related to him, and I have remembered that moment for over 20 years. That is one man amongst 70 million who have been infected with the HIV virus and one of half that number that have died of it.

How many of those deaths were preventable? Abortion is absolutely NOT the answer to the AIDS epidemic, prostitution, and human trafficking. To traumatize a woman again after having been involved in one of these horrific circumstances? No. I know one of the answers. And it isn’t sending money to IPPF.

I thought it ironic that the letter noted that the man who is the chair of this IPP Council is the grandson of a “birth control pioneer.” How often does it cross our minds that we are only alive because our mothers chose to give birth to us? Just the other night I thanked my mother for having me so I could also live and be a mother.


Happy Celebrating Life and the Joy Children Bring to It,

Liz 🙂

P.S. My heart goes out to any woman anywhere who was has had an abortion for any reason.  I cannot imagine how difficult that experience would be and certainly extend my love to her regardless of the circumstances.

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