STAND: Why education is so important (If not you, who?)

I was crossing the church parking lot Sunday when the thought came to my mind, “If not you, who?”

I am reminded of that thought this morning when I saw this video in an email from AUL.

One of the greatest challenges I see today for women making decisions about family-related issues is education. We hear media reports and wonder who is telling the truth. What are the facts?

I don’t know all the facts. But I know that it’s crucial for us to try to find out as much as we can about issues that are affecting our families so that we can make level-headed, unemotional, logical and most importantly, WISE decisions that will benefit our children, families, communities, states, and nation.

If we don’t, and we end up having to bear the consequences of other people’s votes, who will we have to blame?

The media is really good at persuading us to think that something is what it isn’t. Isaiah prophesied about it. So when someone points out that things might not be as they seem, we should check it out.

I believe that women should, of course, have a choice about the contraception they choose, if they choose to use any. I don’t believe that contraception should end a pregnancy. And I absolutely do not want to pay for anyone’s choice to abort a baby.

So I encourage myself and all women to get more information than meets the eye. Read up and research! Let’s get informed. And let’s share what we find. Let’s talk together about things that matter and protect our homes, children, and future.

Happy Researching and Sharing,

Liz 🙂

P.S. If you want to sign a petition that says you agree that Hobby Lobby (and other faith-based companies) shouldn’t have to pay for abortion-causing contraception, go here.


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