Summer is here! And so is “the load”

Every summer since 2014, we have used a summer time management system called “The Load.” This year some of the children (who like the actual moving of the wood pieces from one jar to another) are using the old system, while I created this visual reporting system for all those living at home. (Sarah is also living at home, but she won’t report on the chart.)

They do what?

Want to know how the load works or the story behind the load? Go here.

Basically, our children have about 10 things they have to do each day before playing (and these have changed slightly year to year): 1. study scriptures/pray; 2. garden (weed); 3. do their housecleaning jobs (not pictured on the chart, but includes making bed/tidying room/doing their bathroom job/doing their other assigned housecleaning job); 4. do their laundry on their assigned day; 5. empty the dishwasher/set the table on their assigned day (a summer-only job); 6. reading 15 mins of non-fiction; 7. doing 15 minutes of math; 8. practice their language or instrument; 9. do their assigned dog job; and 10. do service. Leisure reading isn’t listed because they just do it, nor is family prayer/scripture study, since we do that everyday. We don’t watch TV/movies unless it’s the weekend or if it’s for foreign language practice.

The surprise

We all actually LIKE the load system: I like that I don’t have to nag (mostly!). The children like knowing what they have to do before they can go play. It’s a “win-win.”

I thought it was fun when I hadn’t even mentioned the load for this year, and last Sunday Anna got out her jar and wooden rounds from last year. She went to work painting them so that they have a new look for this year. I just liked that she knew that with summer approaching, our load would be starting!

(To read more about structured plans we’ve had in summers passed, go here or look under the “Organize ‘Em” tab for “Summer.”)


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