Teaching preschoolers to be healthy

I’m recovering from the stomach flu today. I thought I might skip over this bug after 3 children got it in the 5 weeks. But I didn’t. The GREAT news was that I got a much shorter version of the 3-5 day version the other 3 children had–I only had one day of major symptoms and am already recovering! Tendermercies–especially right before Thanksgiving.

While working on my music education website today, I came across this great video:

I just can’t believe how many awesome, free resources there are for young moms now thanks to the wonderful efforts of lots of kind people who are willing to share their talents and resources. Thank you Rachel and all the people like you!

I love Rachel de Azevedo’s happy spirit and the fun way she teaches. I think the messages in this video, “I can be healthy by making healthy choices” and that “we only have one body, so we should take care of it” are right on target!

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