The angels of God

This is what we asked in scripture study today. We read this part of this incredible story today: Nephi and his brother Lehi were put in prison wrongfully, and they were encircled about by fire which didn’t burn them, and the prison walls shook several times as if they would fall, but they didn’t. An outside observer told the terrified crowd of onlookers to behold how Nephi and Lehi were speaking with angels, and they could see them. We asked the children, What would it be like to speak with angels? What if you had been asked to be an angel on earth before you came here: would people know by your conversations with them? What would your voice be like? Would it be a “still voice of perfect mildness?” (v.30) How would you change?

I typed up the little sign (at the top of this post) to put up in our kitchen because we are hoping to use this phrase to remind us how we want to interact with each other. We aren’t going to be perfect, but we are going to try to do better. To be more angelic in how we speak one with another.

I love family scripture study. It’s the heart of family life, when we get to learn the doctrine of Christ and then try to apply it. We try to live it. Try and fail, try and succeed. “Try, try, try.”

(“Jesus Once Was a Little Child,” from which that phrase “try, try, try” comes from, is one of my favorite children’s songs. Click on the link to go to free sheet music and mp3 downloads. You can listen to it in the recording below.)

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