The Oak Inside the Acorn

The Oak Inside the Acorn


I went to Activity Days this week, where the other mom/co-teacher, Lori, had prepared the activity. She and her husband had walked across the street to our neighbor’s home to gather acorns for the girls to use in making a frame, but the acorns were all gone! So they drove to the Provo Temple and across the street there was an oak tree. It was getting dark, so with flashlights in hand, and down on their knees, they gathered enough acorns for the girls to use in their project! (I love what members of the church are willing to do for each other as volunteers!)

When we all had arrived at her home, Lori shared a summary of the book The Oak Inside the Acorn by Max Lucado. She had tried to track down a copy of the book, but none of the libraries or teachers she knew had a copy! She even had wanted to order one, but it wouldn’t arrive in time for our activity. So she summarized it. I could tell it was a lovely story, so I got online to the website. I had two credits there, and saw that there was a recording, so I downloaded it. As the girls made their frames, we listened to this beautiful tale of an acorn that drops from its mother tree and falls in the ground in a grove of orange trees. It wonders what it will be, and remembers that his mother said that a great oak is within him and not to be afraid to become what God made him to be. The orange trees make fun of him, saying that he won’t ever grow oranges like them. The farmer moves the sapling near his home, where the oak tree continues to grow until it is large enough for the farmer to make a swing from one of its branches. The farmer’s daughter comes to swing on the tree, and both the tree and the little girl grow taller and stronger. The farmer builds a treehouse in the tree, and the little girl can play there. When the little girl is finally old enough to leave home, she sits in the swing and wonders aloud what she is to be. She shares her fear of the future. The tree wishes he could share what his mother taught him. He has an idea: when the wind blows his branches, he will drop an acorn by her. She catches it, and before tossing it aside, she has a thought. Could this tree have started out as a small acorn once? Yes! And then it grew into this huge, strong oak. God will help her just as he did this tree!

This story is very touching! It brought tears to my eyes, listening both as a mother and as a child. I brought it home and our family listened to it during dinner. We loved it! I want to put this on my daughters’ iPod so they could listen to it as a bedtime story. It is a lovely, faith-encouraging, reassuring story.


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