Things change.

If there is one truth in motherhood, it is this: things change.

Here it is, Dec.27, and I’m looking at these books that I set out earlier in the month so that Anna and I could read a book each night like I used to do with the older children, when they were younger.

Alas, it didn’t happen.

Why? Because things change. Children grow up and get older and the family schedule changes. There are evening commitments, and soon it is more important to get people to bed than it is to stay up another 10-30 minutes reading a book.

And that’s OK.

It’s just a reminder to me that one of the most important things I can learn to do as a mother is to grow with the changes. It’s like bamboo: I can bend with the wind while remaining firmly rooted to the ground. I hold onto the routines that matter the most and stay flexible with the ones that don’t. We still prayed and read scriptures in the morning during the holidays, because that is essential soul nourishment, but we did different activities during the night that were Christmassy (or not) because that is the stage we are in.

Bend with the wind. Life changes.

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