Thoughtfulness training (prepping a shirt for the cleaners)

There are many ways to teach thoughtfulness, the most powerful way being to model it. But sometimes specific training that is needed, because you could model something for all 18 years and a child might not ever pick up on those little habits that make a difference in daily living–not through any fault of their own, but simply because of lack of knowledge and experience. We can pass on lots of little thoughtfulness habits to our children if we want to.

I made this little picture today to teach my son ways to be thoughtful before putting his shirt on our bed to be sent to the cleaners. Of course, he already knows how to wash it himself and to iron it (altough he needs much more practice on ironing), and I will need to have him do that more–perhaps in January of 2018? But I’ve learned it helps to focus on one new habit at a time, and right now ironing isn’t the focus of my training. Sending his shirts to the cleaners works better for me. So, if we are going to provide him that service, then he can learn to thoughtfully prepare his shirts to go to the cleaners.

Pete is already a thoughtful and kind young man, so this is simply to help him develop this thoughtful habit. I’ll stick the image up in his closet and then he or I can take it down once he has mastered doing this.

This is the art and science of motherhood. I love it!

Photo credit for the shirt used in my little sign is from Click on the image to go to the link on amazon, or to buy a shirt, lol.

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